Setting up Custom Domain Names with Github Pages

Hello World!

This is my first blog post generated by pelican and hosted by github with my snazzy new domain name! That is pronounced: GEE-ODD-ESS-Y-GEE-NA. Ha! I'm such a geek.

Anyway, thanks to Amy Hanlon who posted directions on how to set up a blog with Pelican at

I purchased my domain name ( with, for $12.19 for 2 years. Getting the domain name to point to github was a little tricky. Github posted a "Setting up a custom domain with Pages" site ( that goes through how to set up your domain name in your repository. This part is pretty clear until you need to set up your DNS. I can only speak for my experience at, but this is how you set up your DNS through them:

  1. Log into your godaddy account.
  2. Go to the My Account page and click on the green launch button to the right of where it says domains.
  3. On the Domains page, click on the domain name. On the page it brings you to click the tab that says DNS Zone File then click edit.
  4. Go to the A(host) section. There should be 1 record with @ as the host. Github has two different IP addresses. Edit the current one. Keep the @ as the host and replace the IP address with Once that is in, click "Quick add" right underneath and for the new record, put @ as the host again and enter the IP address

That should be it! It may take a little time for your website to update.


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