Welcome to the Vector Projector!

This interactive website was written by Gina Schmalzle from BOS Technologies, LLC, with ample help from Stuart Sandine, Andrea Fey and Thomas Ballinger. The purpose of this website is to allow the user to quickly make interseismic GPS velocity profiles. Profiles included in this program (so far) are the magnitude, profile parallel and profile perpendicular velocity profiles shown as a function of distance (in km) along the user defined profile.

To use: first select the data set, profile width and uncertainty level (any GPS velocities with uncertainties greater than that value will not be shown) and press submit. After, select two points on the map that will become the profile. If a point is selected after the second point, the profile line disappears and another profile is drawn.

About the data:

PANGA Horizontal SNARF = Horizontal velocities from Central Washington University's Pacific Northwest Geodetic Array http://www.panga.cwu.edu/. Velocities in the Stable North America Reference Frame (SNARF).

PBO Horizontal SNARF = Horizontal velocities from the Plate Boundary Observatory http://pbo.unavco.org/data/gps. Velocities in the Stable North America Reference Frame (SNARF).

NGS Horizontal ITRF = Horizontal velocities from the National Geodetic Survey http://geodesy.noaa.gov/. Velocities in the ITRF.

McCaffrey et al 2013 NOAM = Horizontal velocities relative to their North America (NOAM) block. Data from http://web.pdx.edu/~mccaf/pubs/2012JB009473_table1.txt.

Surface fault traces are from the USGS Quaternary Fault and Fold Database http://earthquake.usgs.gov/hazards/qfaults/. Colors of fault traces correspond to the recency of rupture and are defined on the USGS website.

This is the beta version, hence there is plenty of room for improvement, and I warn you that this website has not been thoroughly tested. Currently this program does not account for the curvature of the earth. Nor does this program include plotted or mapped uncertainties. These are both issues that will be dealt with in future versions of the Vector Projector.

Please report any bugs to Gina at gina@bostechnologies.com. Comments and suggestions are also welcome.

Thanks to Hacker School for providing the time and opportunity for developing this tool.

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