Welcome to the Tohoku Earthquake movie.

This program was written by Ville Juutilainen and Gina Schmalzle, with ample help from Gayane Petrosyan and Sean Mathew Lawrence. The program shows a movie of earthquakes that occurred on March 11, 2011 in Japan, covering the great Tohoku (M9) earthquake and its aftershocks. Mapped are earthquake epicenters sized by magnitude and colored by depth (km below the earth's surface). Plots of Magnitude versus time, colored by depth, and Depth versus Magnitude colored by time are shown and update with the movie.

About the data:

Earthquake locations, times, magnitudes, and depths are taken from the ANSS earthquake catalog http://quake.geo.berkeley.edu/anss/catalog-search.html.

This is the beta version of the Earthquake movie, and lots still needs to be done. Any comments, questions or suggestions should be directed to Gina Schmalzle at ginaschmalzle@gmail.com.

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